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La cabeza revuelta, el corazón amargo

Iñigo Fdez. de Nograro

Data sheet

Iñigo Fernández de Nograro
€10.00 (IVA inc)

Confused Mind, Bitter Heart is a wide selection of drawings extracted from the notebooks Iñigo Fdez. de Nograro filled with strange still lifes, television sets, uneasy faces, surreal landscapes, sets, plots, automations…

Características: 128 pages, b/w and color, 17×24x1 cms, sewn thread, paperback.
ISBN: 978-84-933584-2-6
First edition: february 2004
PVP: 8 €


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16 septiembre 2004 a las 13:11


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Interntional intrigue comic including crimes, sex and violence. Drawn collages, improvised and savage narratives. Each reader will recognise characters and situations, and will imagine their own stories triying to solve the puzzle.

Features: 96 pages, color, 21,5×28,5x1 cms, sewn thread, hard cover, 700gr.
First edition: october 2020
ISBN: 978-84-121045-1-6
Editorial: Belleza Infinita
PVP: 18 €

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