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Fotocalipsis. Especulaciones sin futuro sobre el presente de las imágenes

Laboratorio de Postfotografía
Roca Umbert

Data sheet

Laboratorio de Postfotografía
€15.00 (IVA inc)

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Ratos de pasión

Photo-essay based on A Lover’s Discours: Fragments book, where Roland
Barthes analyzes the phenomenon of love and the amorous subject’s experience.
Eduardo Sourrouille dismantles the romance photo-novels' cliches and
recreates the representation of love vicissitudes with different
protagonists, situations and ways.

Features: 240 pages, 172x233x17mm, 758 gr, offset print, four inks, paperback, sewn thread.
First edition: april 2023
Lenguage: Spanish
Publisher: Belleza Infinita
ISBN: 978-84-121045-6-1
PVP: 24 € (Free shipping in Spain and Portugal)

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